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About Us

Carol McCoon is a NY State Licensed Massage Therapist with a specialty in energetic healing. Carol’s level of perception for subtle energy has been refined by her practice of Reiki, Shamanic Journeying for Soul Retrieval, other spiritual healing techniques, and the sweat lodge ceremony as taught by the Bear Tribe Medicine Society.

Carol specializes in the massage therapy technique called Cranio Sacral Therapy, a system for evaluating and correcting distortions in the Cranio Sacral system (the brain, cranial bones, spinal column, sacral bone, and membranes that support and enclose that system).  Restrictions there may cause problems of chronic and acute pain, immune system dysfunction, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.  You may go to the Upledger Institute website to learn more:

Carol McCoon has extensive metaphysical training from Delphi University in Georgia. Training included Energy Healing, Intuitive Counseling, Color & Sound Healing, and Past Life Regression.  In addition, Carol is trained in the style of hypnotherapy called Neuro Linguistic Programming. This includes Time Line Therapy, which is similar to past life regression.


46 Years Practicing Therapeutic Work


Carol’s motivation to practice healing work arose from the many health and learning problems of family members and children in her classrooms during 18 years of teaching.  Making changes in health issues involves understanding the complex processes involved in development, how children learn, and the impediments to learning that result from a variety of sources.  Adults exploring resolution to health problems and long term emotional issues, often uncover a source, an initial traumatic experience, as a three to seven year old child.


While researching healing methods and determining a method’s efficacy, Carol analyzes the anecdotal data describing successes in addressing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of those who received the treatments.  Does the method help adults experience positive, lasting change? Can the method simply and effectively relieve similar issues in young children? Can the therapeutic method be provided in a manner requiring little or no verbal response from children?  For the last nineteen years Carol has been teaching young children in Rochester and Webster, in order to witness the origins of these circuits of suffering. 

Carol’s analysis of tuning fork therapies indicates that this method may be efficient and effective for children and adults with complex health issues.


Biofield Tuning Training


Carol McCoon is a Biofield Tuning Practitioner, NY State Licensed Massage Therapist, and Montessori Teacher. She holds an MS Ed. in Special Education and AMI certification as a Primary and Elementary Montessori Teacher.  Carol has been providing laying on of hands healing since she was 18 years old. She has over 46 years of training and practice in a wide variety of shamanic and spiritual healing methods.

Additional Research

Carol McCoon did further research by reading John Beaulieu’s book Human Tuning: Sound Healing With Tuning Forks.  Carol’s friend Joseph Schmidlin has been trained personally by Beaulieu, and has shared his use of tuning forks and singing bowls with Carol over the last two years.

The following are excerpts from articles posted on the website of John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph. D. at htpps://

“In 1998, Robert F Furchgott, Louis J Ingnarro, and Ferid Murad made a discovery which changed medicine. They discovered that our cells produce and release nitric oxide. Their discovery was so important that they won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. These are the findings:


“When cells are producing nitric oxide in natural rhythmic cycles, we experience these benefits:

      Enhances cell vitality, vascular flow and heart healing

      Destroys bacteria and viruses at a micro level which naturally enhances our immune system and increases our ability to prevent and fight infections

      Increases resistance to stress and greater levels of energy and stamina

      Sharpens mental clarity and diminishes states of depression due to the balancing of the autonomic nervous system

      Improves digestion and natural cleansing.”

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