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Small group classes are available in-person. Contact Carol for more information.


Biofieled Tuning

An introductory Talk and Demonstration for clients and anyone curious about Biofield Tuning is offered several times a year.  For those looking to incorporate Biofield Tuning into their current practice, it is recommended to attend trainings through Eileen McKusick's Biofield Tuning organization.


Eminus Mirus (EM)

Learn how to treat yourself with Eminus Mirus, which is Latin for "astonishing at a distance."

EM Level 1 and EM Level 2 classes are available online, and in person with Carol several times a year. 

Tranquil forest

Spring Meditation

Walk through fields in early spring.

Find food growing everywhere!

Gather your meals from the Earth!

Carol is an experienced herbalist, forager of wild medicinal plants, and gardener. Join her in her garden and the surrounding fields and forests.

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