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I’ve had the greatest experience after 1 session with Carol. My body has been able to release so much easier and my back is feeling much better after these energetic shifts. I would highly recommend this healing therapy process. Carol is very professional her kindness as well as very caring.  A.M.A. October 2022

Carol, I look forward to our next Biofield Tuning session. When I left after the Biofield Tuning treatment I felt light and clear and I could feel clearly the sweet wonderful tingles of harmonious balance in my being. I thank you so very much for being a conduit and sharing your gift.       

S. F.  August 2019


Hello Dear Carol!  I would be more than happy to write a testimonial for you and the amazing effects of your gifts and knowledge.  The workshop I presented two days after your Biofield Tuning treatment went very well. Better than I could have imagined! It was like everything just started flowing out of me, and the fear I had was gone!  It was wonderful.  I appreciate all of your kindness and support in helping me through that.

Much love and Gratitude!! 

S. F. September 2019


Carol’s ability to heal is incredible. I have had so many great experiences over the time that I have known her it’s hard to choose one. My most recent healing happened this summer. I had fallen and bruised my tailbone. I waited 2 weeks to see if I could get better and before going to see my regular doctor make sure there were no broken bones. With no luck getting better I asked Carol to help me. I hadn’t been able to walk well at all in over a month. She did some Biofield Tuning Fork work on my back. She also sent me some EM treatments.  The very next day I could walk without pain. I could not have been more grateful. No one around me could believe it. I was still very slow getting around, but my pain level that was a constant 10 had vanished!  The pain was gone forever! 

Thank you, Carol             M. T. July 2019


I have a testimonial to share. My son, S. T. who was 12 years old at the time, kept getting strep throat. He had it 5 times in one year. The doctor insisted on taking out his tonsils. We even went for the pre-operation consultation. My son was adamant that he did not want surgery. Carol came over and did some treatments and he never had strep throat again. He never had the surgery either.  And she healed our dog too., which the doctor said is where the strep was coming from. 

M.T. July 2019


After EM treatments my son, C.T., had no car sickness on the vacation either going to Maine or returning home! His mosquito bites are almost gone, too!

My son, S.T., had no symptoms of sunburn the day after your EM treatment. This was surprising because he had obvious sunburn from being out for three hours on the water without sunscreen.       

M. T. September 2019


I think I'm doing pretty good.  It is sometimes hard to tell because every day of this new journey (Lyme’s disease diagnosed in July) has been pretty different.  Some days I have great digestive distress, some days I don't.  Some days I have weird detox symptoms, some days I don't.  Some days I have a flush of great energy, some days I don't.  But in general this week (days after her first EM treatments) I would say I've had better energy, normal digestive challenges, and no major detox issues.  Actually Monday I taught for 6 hours at school and had plenty of energy to get through the day and didn't crash until I walked in my door.  WOO HOO! 

So, yes, I would say your EM treatments have helped me have better energy levels than previously this week. 

D. D. September 2019


I have been struggling with my horse over the past several months. She has been uncomfortable and it seems to stem from her right ear. Even though I can tell she is trying to tell me something is bothering her, she still gives me her all (this horse has heart!)

I have had her teeth done (which I have done every year), a massage therapist out, a chiropractor, acupuncture, and the vet came out and sedated her so she could get down in her ear to see if there was something in it and clean it out.  The vet really found nothing and it wasn’t even that dirty inside her ear.

When you stopped in our office you were telling us how excited you are about the Eminus Mirus energy medicine and mentioned it was even practiced on horses. I’m not going to lie … I was a bit skeptical about what I thought about that. I half-heartedly said you should try it on my horse because I’m at a loss of what else to do. You did! And…..

I can honestly say I feel like I have my horseback!! She is happy again and comfortable! I am enjoying riding her again! I can’t begin to understand what is behind what you do, but I can say nothing else was working and I don’t believe it’s just a coincidence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my horseback!!!

Thank you, J. M. September 2018

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