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Working with Carol has been incredible. She is such a gentle soul. She is warm, kind and caring while bringing a great amount of experience and wisdom to the table. 
The information that she brings forward in our sessions is very clear and helpful. We've worked together for a few sessions and I've already experienced so much healing. We've made significant progress in clearing up long-term health problems.
After trying so many other modalities for many years without much luck, I am blown away at the results. In addition to experiencing physical healing, there is a beautiful metaphysical quality to the sessions which I totally appreciate. I've noticed positive shifts in many areas of my life. Each session is so custom, and Carol goes above and beyond which makes me feel so supported. She is incredibly generous with her gifts while being both gracious and humble.


Hello Dear Carol!  I would be more than happy to write a testimonial for you and the amazing effects of your gifts and knowledge.  The workshop I presented two days after your Biofield Tuning treatment went very well. Better than I could have imagined! It was like everything just started flowing out of me, and the fear I had was gone!  It was wonderful.  I appreciate all of your kindness and support in helping me through that.
Much love and Gratitude!! 


I think I'm doing pretty well.  It is sometimes hard to tell because every day of this new journey (Lyme disease was diagnosed in July).  Some days I have great digestive distress, some days I don't.  Some days I have weird detox symptoms, and some days I don't.  Some days I have a flush of great energy, some days I don't.  But in general this week (days after her first EM treatments) I would say I've had better energy, normal digestive challenges, and no major detox issues.  Actually Monday I taught for 6 hours at school and had plenty of energy to get through the day and didn't crash until I walked in my door.  WOO HOO! 

So, yes, I would say your EM treatments have helped me have better energy levels than previously this week. 


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