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Healing with Carol McCoon

Meet Carol

Holistic Healer, Licensed Massage Therapist

Carol has dedicated her life to the evolution of health and wellness, striving for better healthcare solutions. As the founder of Singing Wing Sound Therapy, she fully embodies these beliefs and is looking forward to guiding you on your journey.


Carol's primary focus is Biofield Tuning and Eminus Mirus energy medicine. During a session, she is able to uncover underlying issues resulting in current health problems. Clients experience restored energy, relief from symptoms, and the joys of life.

In 2023, Carol began studying Lymph Drainage Therapy, a type of massage therapy. This work is now available to all her clients! Read more in the About pull-down menu.

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Learn and Grow

Life provides opportunities to learn and grow.

After my Biofield Tuning treatment I felt light and clear.  I could feel clearly the sweet wonderful tingles of harmonious balance in my being. I thank you so very much for being a conduit and sharing your gift.       

Sarah F.

Carol’s ability to heal is incredible. She preformed Biofield Tuning on my bruised tailbone. Additional she sent distance healing by EM.  The next day I could walk without pain. I am so grateful. The pain was gone forever! 

Mark T.

My son had chronic strep throat. His medical doctor suggested removing his tonsils. We opted for a holistic approach instead. Following Carol's treatment the strep did not return, We avoided surgery. And she even healed our dog, a possible cause of the original disease.

Steve F.

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