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What clients are saying

Mark T

Carol’s ability to heal is incredible. I have had so many great experiences over the time that I have known her it’s hard to choose one.

Steve F

My 12-year-old son kept getting strep throat. He had it 5 times in one year. The doctor insisted on taking out his tonsils. We even went for the pre-operation consultation. My son was adamant that he did not want surgery. Carol came over and did some treatments and he never had strep throat again. He never had the surgery either.  And she healed our dog too., which the doctor said is where the strep was coming from. 

Julia M

I have been struggling with my horse over the past several months. She has been uncomfortable and it seems to stem from her right ear. I have had her teeth done (which I have done every year), a massage therapist out, a chiropractor, acupuncture, and the vet came out.  I was a bit skeptical about Emirus Mirus energy medicine but honestly feel it had a profound impact and I finally have my horse back!!!