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EM Treatments by Donation

Eminus Mirus, known by those who practice it as EM, is arguably the most powerful energy modality you have ever experienced. Eminus Mirus is Latin for “astonishing at a distance,” because most people who experience this are usually quite astonished at both how much changes, and that I could do this or you could do this from thousands of miles away.

This is because EM is very complimentary to other therapies in many ways. Eminus Mirus is based on classical theory, which means that the roots of it go incredibly deep. They are 10,000 years deep. As people explore their own practices, often those roots connect somewhere. It can be very exciting to see that work in Reiki can be used with EM. Or shiatsu. There are connections made, and then the theory somehow integrates to become a beautiful kind of construct.

Your EM Treatments to prevent COVID-19 and its variants are sent to you automatically on the 1st of each month. They are free and I hope they are helpful in supporting your health. We EM Practitioners have found that some patients still contract a COVID variant, usually with greatly reduced symptoms. If you require additional support with symptoms or wish to have EM Inoculations for other diseases, such as Flu, Pneumonia and Shingles, there is a fee of $60 minimum.

If you signed up for additional Group EM Treatments, they will be sent the 15th of each month. Please email me with specific, current information regarding your health concerns. I am reorganizing these groups to address specific issues, such as joint pain and stiffness, allergies, detoxing, concerns about fungus and parasites, general Chinese medicine balancing, and memory issues.

If you no longer wish to receive EM Treatments, please email this information to me. I am sending this email out to individuals, not groups, in order to ensure that no health information is shared with others.

Occasionally, I teach Eminus mirus Levels 1 & 2. If you are interested in learning how to treat yourself and your family, please contact me.

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