Carol Mcoon has gone through extensive training with Biofield Tuning Founder Eileen Day Mckusick and is certified to perform Biofield Tuning therapy sessions. Carol has dedicated her life to the evolution of health and wellness, striving for better healthcare solutions. As the founder of Singing Wing Sound Therapy Carol fully embodies these beliefs and is looking forward to guiding you on your journey.


Meet Carol

  • Carol Mccoon is an NYS licensed massage therapist with a specialization in craniosacral therapy and energetic healing

  • Extensive metaphysical training in energy healing, intuitive counseling, color & sound healing at Delphi University

  • 26 years perfecting her therapeutic craft

  • Carol's motivation for healing arose from the many health and learning problems that plagued family members and her young students.

  • Holds an MS Ed. in Special Education and AMI certification as a Primary & Elementary Montessori teacher 

  • Carol's analysis of Biofield Tuning and Eminus mirus therapies indicates that they are efficient and effective for patients with complex health issues

Carol Teaching.png

Carol teaches children spiritual concepts, ancient wisdom, and Reiki at Circle Yurt in Fishers NY