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Meet Your Practitioner

Carol Singing Wind McCoon is a Massage Therapist with a specialty in energetic healing. Carol’s level of perception for subtle energy has been refined by her practice of Reiki, Shamanic Journeying for Soul Retrieval, other spiritual healing techniques, and the sweat lodge ceremony as taught by the Bear Tribe Medicine Society. Carol specializes in the massage therapy technique called Cranio Sacral Therapy, a system for evaluating and correcting distortions in the brain, cranial bones, spinal column, and membranes that support and enclose that system. 

Carol has extensive metaphysical training from Delphi University in Georgia. This included Energy Healing, Intuitive Counseling, Color & Sound Healing, and Past Life Regression.  In addition, Carol is trained in the style of hypnotherapy called Neuro Linguistic Programming. This includes Time Line Therapy, which is similar to past life regression.

Carol has been a Montessori teacher during the past 18 years. In the Montessori classroom she guides young children in their search to know their strengths, respect their talents, and find their place in their home, with their peers, and in society. Being able to “stop the world” in order to listen to the child’s heart and soul, enables the child to accomplish these goals.


Now, as Carol returns to her healing practice, she is using the tools of Biofield Tuning as developed by Eileen McKusick, and Eminus mirus energy medicine, as developed by Ethan Borg. Biofield Tuning is able to uncover underlying issues resulting in current health problems. Clients experience restored energy, relief from symptoms and the joys of life.

Carol began studying Eminus mirus in 2019, and immediately experienced amazing results as she used it to resolve her own health problems. Studying EM Level 2 allowed Carol to address specific health difficulties for family and friends. Further study of EM Levels 3 and 4 brought understanding of the theory of Chinese medicine. These methods and techniques are now the focus of Carol’s practice in her search to provide profound healing. 


Carol has dedicated her life to the evolution of health and wellness, striving for better healthcare solutions. As the founder of Singing Wing Sound Therapy Carol fully embodies these beliefs and is looking forward to guiding you on your journey.


In Brief:

  • Carol Mccoon is an NYS licensed massage therapist with a specialization in craniosacral therapy and energetic healing

  • Extensive metaphysical training in energy healing, intuitive counseling, color & sound healing at Delphi University

  • 46 years perfecting her therapeutic craft

  • Carol's motivation for healing arose from the many health and learning problems that plagued family members and her young students.

  • Holds an MS Ed. in Special Education and AMI certification as a Primary & Elementary Montessori teacher 

  • Carol's analysis of Biofield Tuning and Eminus mirus therapies indicates that they are efficient and effective for patients with complex health issues

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Carol teaches children spiritual concepts, ancient wisdom, and Reiki at Circle Yurt in Fishers NY

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