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Where is Singing Wind Sound Therapy Located?

  • Singing Wind Sound Therapy is located at Wheeler Healthy U, 308 Bluff Dr. East Rochester. Wheeler Healthy U is just south of the village of Penfield.


What type of sessions do we provide?

  • Singing Wind Sound Therapy offers Biofield Tuning, Eminus mirus energy medicine, Reiki, and a variety of energy healing disciplines.


What are the weekly hours?


  • We are currently open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 to 3:00. Carol is Substitute Teaching during the current teacher shortage and may not be available until July 2022.

What is the best way to scheudle a session?

  • The best way to schedule a session is by giving Carol a call at 585-743-1969.


How much does a typical session cost?

  • The current rate for sessions is $100 an hour, however, you might qualify for a special discount.

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